2001 NCAA Men's Basketball - Scott's 2001 Contest
March Madness

Welcome to March Madness! Contest Leaders: #1) Troy Buford (172 pts), #2) Steve Jones (170 pts), #3) Ryan Clyde (168 pts), #4) Shane Eliason (158 pts), #5) Bryant Bullock (157 pts) and ................. #27) Andrew Jones (65 pts)
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On to Round Three! (3/19/2001 10:28:30 AM PST)
North Carolina didn't make it to the Sweet Sixteen, but Temple is after a 21 point victory over Florida. Check the standings page to see where how you rank after round two.

Round Two (3/17/2001 11:40:02 AM PST)
Round one generated some interesting upsets. What will round two bring? Games start this morning a little after 9:00 AM PST.

Scores Entered (3/16/2001 12:40:54 PM PST)
Scores from yesterday's games have been entered. See the "Scores/Schedules" page to see what happened to the teams you picked.

Tournament Starts Today (3/15/2001 10:27:13 AM PST)
Kentucky and Holy Cross kick off the NCAA tournament at 9:20 AM PST today. Make sure you're happy with your bracket before that time--once the first game starts you won't be able to make any more bracket changes.

Northwestern State Beats Winthrop 71-67 (3/14/2001 10:35:47 AM PST)
The Northwestern State Demons beat the Winthrop Eagles yesterday to secure the 16th seed in the Midwest region. They will face Illinois in the first round of the tournament. Read more about the game here.

Play-In Game Today! (3/13/2001 4:45:58 PM PST)
The Play-In Game between Winthrop and Northwestern State will be played tonight. Catch it tonight at 5:00 PM (PST) on TNN (yes, TNN).

Bracket is Set! (3/12/2001 PST)
The bracket is now set with all 64 teams.

New in 2001: Play-In Game (3/11/2001 PST)
In this year's NCAA Tournament there are 65 teams (previous tournaments had only 64). The 64th and 65th teams will compete in a "Play-In Game" on Tuesday, March 12. The winner of this spot will be the 16th seed in the Midwest region. Until this game is played, you will see "TBD" in the bracket which represents the winner of the Play-In Game.